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The University of Craiova (UCv) is a fundamental unit of higher education, an essential component of the educational system and, at the same time, a first-rate institution in the contemporary society. Advanced scientific research has been and continues to be a strategic priority of the University of Craiova as the institution implements a coherent development policy within this field, underpinning the following key action lines: supporting the submission of national and international research projects in competitions, as well as the adequate implementation of projects won by the University's research teams; encouraging and supporting the research activity so as to secure the transfer of the research outcomes to the teaching and training activity of the students enrolled to all the university cycles; execution of specific contracts and tasks within INCESA (Research Hub for Applied Sciences), which embeds multi- and interdisciplinary research laboratories where research assistants and experienced researchers are deployed; organisation of events to promote research and encourage technology transfer to the business environment (invention exhibitions and fairs, invention scholarships, dissemination of the University's patent portfolio).

Craiova City Hall (PCv) - The municipality of Craiova is a legal person under public law, with full legal capacity, with own patrimony, in which the local autonomy is realized by the authorities of the administration local public, elected by free, equal, direct, secret and free vote, the local council, as the authority deliberative and the mayor, as executive authority. Craiova is part of the Craiova Metropolitan Area - an inter-community development association established on the basis of a voluntary partnership, with a view to the balanced development of the territory. Craiova City Hall is focusing on carrying out joint projects on the integrated development of the area by: the improvement and development of the transport infrastructure of the administrative-territorial units that make up the Association and of the entire metropolitan area. Dolj County Council (CJDJ) - Dolj County is, from the perspective of the area and the stable population, the largest in the South-West Oltenia region and one of the most important in Romania (8th place). It is a county bordering Bulgaria and has direct access, for about 150 km, to Danube river. Within Dolj County there are industrial agglomerations with local specialization potential and competitive advantages in domestic and foreign markets (production of automobiles and automotive components, energy, textiles and clothing, agri-food products, rail transport equipment and electrical equipment and electrical engineering).There are several technological and business incubators, resulting from the active involvement of county and local public authorities in the development of business infrastructure and a modern multifunctional center in Craiova. Craiova state universities have a developed research, innovation and technology transfer infrastructure.


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