Press releases

Oct 13, 2023

Partenerii din rețeaua națională de comunicații cuantice RoNaQCI s-au reunit la Timișoara


Jun 7, 2023

RoNaQCI representatives attended the Work Programme 24-25 meeting in Brussels on 7th of June 2023

The 7th of June meeting in Brussels gathered representatives from all NatQCIs (including 2 members of RoNaQCI) and DEP1, along with the European Commission. The discussions were centred around the next steps in EuroQCI: what activities should be done in order to make EuroQCI a reality. Divided into 5 teams, the participants attended presentations and, then, were engaged in brainstorming sessions about the 5Ps: People, Process, Platform, Provider, and Product. This fruitful workshop generated a list of action points that the European Commission must take into consideration for EuroQCI.

Contribution to long-term policy objectives, policies and strategies