The project represents a key step towards implementing state-of-the-art quantum technology (QT) with the aim to approach and mitigate major challenges raised by the digital era, among which the most prominent are secure communication and enhanced computing capability based on the laws of quantum physics. Moreover, the project is perfectly aligned to the Digital Europe Programme, as its primary objective consists in building and deploying a secure quantum communication infrastructure in Romania that is intended to serve as the local backbone of a future “quantum Internet” on a wider EU scale. Other cardinal objectives of the project focus on (i) creating a critical mass of QT experts to achieve increased momentum in order to further advance these technologies at an accelerated pace (speed), while considering actors such as industry, Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs), and public bodies, (ii) establishing national networks of Quantum Communication (QC) technology hubs, intended to provide both upskilling as well as technology testbeds, based on a coherent strategy that will convert them into fully-fledged European Digital Innovation Hubs (EDIHs), intended to perform as key players in developing and promoting QC technology. Such a step will help secure and enforce the EU role as a key player in a world where QT are ubiquitous.

In line with objectives in the Call document, the project builds up towards

  • a) deploying advanced national and metropolitan quantum systems and networks (henceforth known as Romanian National Quantum Communication Infrastructure -- RoNaQCI),
  • b) testing quantum communication technologies in-situ, and integrating them with existing communication networks, while exploiting them by means of advanced use cases that combine quantum and classical communications, with key emphasis on uninterrupted monitoring.

The project explicitly establishes production use of quantum systems and networks for developing and testing advanced and practical use cases in support of national QCI initiatives, as facilitated by the national network of Quantum Communication (QC) technology hubs established herein. As such, the project also establishes a large number of trained users in QC technologies that will deploy the next generation of highly secure communication and data networks.

As resulting from above, in brief the project objectives are:

  • O1. Deploy advanced national quantum systems and networks (RoNaQCI)
  • O2. Test, monitor and integrate RoNaQCI with classical communication infrastructure
  • O3. Develop advanced use cases tailored around strategic interests in exploiting RoNaQCI, linking Public Authorities, Governmental entities, Universities, Research Institutes and Private Companies
  • O4. Upskill to create a large number of trained users based on specific profile and particular interests
  • O5. Participate in EU-wide design and development efforts anticipating the Quantum Internet

Contribution to long-term policy objectives, policies and strategies