Romanian Space Agency (ROSA) – Partner

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  • WP4 Free Space Communication

Romanian Space Agency (ROSA) is a public institution, integral contract-based financed, under the authority of the Romanian Ministry of Research, Innovation and Digitization. Representing Romania to the ESA, ROSA coordinates the national participation to the ESA SAGA QKD mission. Also ROSA operates several critical infrastructures, including a network of tracking telescopes that are envisioned to provide OGS services within ESA and EuroQCI. Rosa holds the NCP Romania for EuroQCI and is a partner in the Quantec consortium (National Reference Center for Quantum Comminications). At EU level the experts from ROSA are members of the EU Space Program Committee and on the bodies dealing with EU Secure Connectivity Program. ROSA’s mission is to promote space development, co-ordinate the national space research and applications programmes, and, as a government representative, to promote international co-operation. ROSA is authorised to develop specific project oriented research through its own centres.


Postcode 010362
Street MENDELEEV 21-25 SECTORUL 1 Country Romania


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Marius-Ioan PISO

Contribution to long-term policy objectives, policies and strategies