Develop RoNaQCI free space topology definitions (O1.10)

Acquire and perform acceptance tests for RoNaQCI free space equipment (O1.11)

Deploy and integrate RoNaQCI free space equipment (O1.12)

Provide continuous availability (operation) of RoNaQCI free space equipment (O1.13)


WP4 contains specific activities related to the free space component of O1, along with acceptance testing and integration components of O2, seeking to achieve a fully wireless QKD link between IFIN-HH and INFLPR/ISS as shown in Fig. 1 that will employ 5G technology for the classical channels, with resources mainly provided by the consortium members with broad experience in free space communication (led by ROSA). The process management plan initializes WP4 at project start by means of a first task, T4.1, dedicated to free space link definition based on equipment quotes and availability at the time of project implementation, thus finalizing requirement definition enabling the start of the second task T4.2 related to free space and 5G equipment acquisitions, which includes delivery-related sub-activities such as acceptance testing. Given the physical nature of the link, the third task, T4.3 is dedicated to equipment installation and it only starts after the equipment has arrived. Similar with other workpackages, WP4 also employs a fourth task, T4.4, related to free space infrastructure maintenance as a necessary risk mitigation measure, with monitoring provided by WP5 that will also test the interface between the adjacent free space and ground links. Control is provided by WP1. WP4 ends only after all infrastructure exploiting activities are accomplished, at the end of the project. The equipment involved here consists in 1 pair of OKD, 2 telescopes (and their additional connections and accessories) and 1 pair of 5G communication devices and their connections.


T4.1 Free-space Equipment Definition - Analysis of proposed network topology at time of implementation based on long-distance topology definition, adjusted quotes and supply capacity.

T4.2 Free-space Equipment Acquisition - Acquire equipment in accord with topology definition and endpoint conformity check.

T4.3 Free-space Equipment Installation - Install links at target locations and securing link quality parameter initial conformity.

T4.4 Free-space Equipment Maintenance - Maintain free-space equipment providing link quality parameter long-term conformity.

Lead beneficiary:

Romanian Space Agency (ROSA)

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Long Distance Quantum Communications

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Metropolitan QKD Links

Work package 4 (WP4):
Free Space Communication

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Testing and Integration

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Quantum Training and Education HUB

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Advanced Use Cases

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Communication and Dissemination

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