Develop RoNaQCI long-distance topology definition (O1.2)

Acquire and perform acceptance tests of RoNaQCI long-distance endpoints equipment (O1.3)

Deploy and integrate RoNaQCI long-distance equipment (O1.4)

Provide continuous availability (operation) of RoNaQCI long-distance equipment (O1.5)


WP2 contains nation-wide activities related to the long-distance component of O1 and acceptance testing and integration components of O2, under high resource participation from the infrastructure providing partner RoEduNet, as the main beneficiary. The process management plan initiates WP2, internally within the consortium at application time, with a series of studies (including but not limited to the selection of the infrastructure providing partner) considering national capabilities as well vendor quotes and negotiations, the outcome of which is the pro-tempore proposed topology above. Effective initiation within the project is however prolonged with an initial task T2.1 adjusting the network topology definition based on equipment quotes and availability at the time of project implementation, thus finalizing requirement definition enabling the start of the second task T2.2 related to long-distance equipment acquisitions, which includes delivery-related sub-activities such as acceptance testing. In preparation for endpoint equipment arrival, the third task, T2.3, related to installation, will start setting up the dark fibre infrastructure required by the endpoints even before they arrive to ensure maximum resource utilization. As a necessary risk mitigation measure, WP2 also comprises a fourth task, T2.4, related to maintenance of the national infrastructure, as dictated by risk realizations acknowledged within WP1 based upon feedback from WP5. As such, the monitoring function for WP2 is performed by WP5 and acted upon by WP1 which is enabled with the control function. WP2 finalisation takes place only after all infrastructure exploiting activities have been achieved, at the end of the project. The equipment involved here (16 OKD pairs with Key Management System (KMS) integrated) must respect the long-distance sectors parameters and cover over 1350km. [RoNaQCI long-distance sectors (distance and attenuation) 1. Bucharest - Iasi: Bucuresti-Ploiesti 64km 17.5dB, Ploiesti-Buzau 71km 18dB, Buzau-Focsani 74km 18dB, Focsani-Bacau 108km 27.5dB, Bacau-Pascani 88km 22dB, Pascani-Iasi 79km 18dB; 2. Bucharest – Craiova - Timisoara: Bucharest-Rosiori 105km 27dB, Rosiori-Craiova 112km 28dB, CraiovaTargu Jiu 116km 28dB, Targu Jiu-Petrosani 54km 16dB, Petrosani-Deva 95km 25dB, Deva-Savarsin 67km 17dB, Savarsin-Arad 88km 26dB, Arad-Timisoara 61km 17dB; 3. Bucharest – Cluj-Napoca: BucharestRosiori 105km 27dB, Rosiori-Craiova 112km 28dB, Craiova-Targu Jiu 116km 28dB, Targu Jiu-Petrosani 54km 16dB, Petrosani-Deva 95km 25dB, Deva-Teius 86km 22.5dB, Teius-Cluj 108km 27dB] WP3 refers to joint local activities related to the metropolitan component of O1 and acceptance testing and integration components of O2, such that each metropolitan network involves a combination of local resources as well as resources from the infrastructure providing partner RoEduNet, who acts as the leading beneficiary assisted by a scientific council with a representative from each MAN.


T2.1 Long-Distance Topology Definition - Analysis of proposed network topology at time of implementation based on adjusted quotes and supply capacity.

T2.2 Long-Distance Equipment Acquisition - Acquire equipment in agreement with topology definition and check of endpoint conformity.

T2.3 Long-Distance Equipment Installation - Install links at target locations and verify link quality parameter initial conformity.

T2.4 Long-Distance Equipment Maintenance - Maintain long-distance equipment securing link quality parameter longterm conformity.

Lead beneficiary:

Agenția de Administrare a Rețelei Naționale de Informatică pentru Educație și Cercetare (ARNIEC)/RoEduNet

Work Package 1 (WP1):

Work Package 2 (WP2):
Long Distance Quantum Communications

Work Package 3 (WP3):
Metropolitan QKD Links

Work package 4 (WP4):
Free Space Communication

Work package 5 (WP5):
Testing and Integration

Work package 6 (WP6):
Quantum Training and Education HUB

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Advanced Use Cases

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Communication and Dissemination

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