Ensure complete and timely deployment of RoNaQCI (O1.1)

Secure comprehensive, relevant and timely testing of RoNaQCI (O2.1)

Provide comprehensive and qualitative training for academia, public authorities, industry and internet service providers (O3.1)

Safeguard quality, secure and timely development and deployment of use cases (O4.1) ▪ Check that dissemination and communication reaches key audience and achieves key indicators (O5.1)


WP1 contains cross-cutting management and coordination activities, and while it contributes to all objectives it contains highly specific activities, highly specific experienced managerial resources and a particular management cycle. While WP1 is initiated at start time, it effectively begins during project ramp-up stage by developing a detailed overall management structure, indicator definitions, reporting schedules and a detailed project management plan, starting with the kick-off activities related to each team and WP. Notably, besides providing internal monitoring and control for other work packages through continuous monitoring of project indicators and progress deciding on risk mitigation measures and resolving IP management difficulties as appropriate.

WP1 also has to provide internal monitoring and control for itself, which is why it heavily relies on downstream feedback from other WPs, including but not limited to prognostics on emerging risks and their potential impacts. Given the function that it plays in the project, WP1 closes de facto after completion of all other results and is therefore on its own critical path associated to management. It also guides the project over uncertainty and risks mitigation in order to successfully deliver the milestones, deliverables and the interim reports. Plans for ethics and data management will be provided as well.


T1.1 Management structure and plan - Set up overall management structure (involved persons, responsibilities, teams etc); kick-off activities and meetings (realign vision, mission and focus on project outputs and deliverables); generate project management plan describing indicators, reporting procedures, schedule and management of project progress; develop quality assurance plan.

T1.2 Monitoring and management - Prepare all project meetings; monitor project indicators, reporting, scheduling and progress through deliverables and processes; monitor and address gender or ethical issues and social impact; monitor risk evolution and plan contingencies intervening when necessary.

T1.3 IP and communication management - IPR Management (managing and protecting IPR linked to the results developed in the project); management of internal communication within consortium; management of communication with EC; management of cooperation with other EC projects; data management.

Lead beneficiary:

University POLITEHNICA of Bucharest (UPB)

Work Package 1 (WP1):

Work Package 2 (WP2):
Long Distance Quantum Communications

Work Package 3 (WP3):
Metropolitan QKD Links

Work package 4 (WP4):
Free Space Communication

Work package 5 (WP5):
Testing and Integration

Work package 6 (WP6):
Quantum Training and Education HUB

Work package 7 (WP7):
Advanced Use Cases

Work Package 8 (WP8):
Communication and Dissemination

Contribution to long-term policy objectives, policies and strategies