Work Plan

The work plan has been developed to effectively coalesce the large consortium around topical activities, using the following rationale. As such, all cross-cutting activities, i.e. those belonging to activity group A1, have been assigned to WP1 focused on management and coordination, with more topical activities assigned to other packages, starting with activity group A6 which was assigned to WP6 focused on documentation and communication. Activities pertaining to O1 have been clustered by specificity into WP2, related to long-distance infrastructure requiring a consolidated approach, whereas WP3 approaches metropolitan infrastructure requiring a distributed approach, and WP4 addresses free-space infrastructure requiring highly specific expertise. Finally, remaining activities pertaining to highly specific objectives such as O2, O3 and O4 are associated to workpackages WP5, WP6 and WP7 respectively.

In brief, WP1 contributes to all project objectives, WP2, WP3 and WP4 contribute to O1 and O2, WP5 adds to O2 and O5, WP6 to O3 and O5, WP7 to O4, while O5 and WP8 focus on O3, O4 and O5. As apparent, WPs are the unit providing coherence to objectives, activities, resources and processes.


The summary of the above is best visualized in the form of a Gantt chart (see Fig. 3) describing the effective implementation plan as a more granular version of the timetable in section 4.3. As it can be observed in the Gantt chart, the project has several milestones: MS1 in M6 after the development of the test plan and establishment of the national network of quantum hubs, MS2 in M10 after the RoNaQCI Monitor software has been designed and the training materials have been developed and just before RoNaQCI Monitor development and training tasks start, MS3 in M14 after acquisitions, MS4 in M18 after terrestrial equipment installations and MS5 in M24 after consolidated software development on RoNaQCI Monitor as well as the X.509, VPN and OpenSSH solutions finish only with exploitation tasks such as maintenance, training, and use case development still ongoing. The chart also highlights the timing of key project events such as the Hackathon and workshops.

Contribution to long-term policy objectives, policies and strategies