The project includes activities for deployment of advanced production-grade quantum systems and networks combining the best of quantum and classical security devices, explicitly including testing the interface between the QCI’s space and terrestrial systems, activities for training and education of, as well as dissemination and communication to a large number of potential users, activities for demonstrating, testing and exploiting the first long-distance quantum communication national and metropolitan networks in Romania (compatible with EuroQCI system architecture), and activities for cooperating and participating with other EU entities in the deployment plan along with strategic efforts towards designing and building an overall EuroQCI system architecture.

As a result of the above, the project activity groups in a nutshell are:

  • A1. Project management, coordination, reporting, financial and acquisition activities
  • A2. Infrastructure topology definition, installation, diagnostic, testing and maintenance activities
  • A3. Training and education activities
  • A4. Software specification, design, development, integration, deployment and testing activities
  • A5. External cooperation and best practice exchange activities
  • A6. Dissemination and communication activities

In accordance with the call scope, the activity group A1 will use pilot devices, technologies and systems developed and manufactured in the EU/EFTA where possible, while in the same time it will firstly target use cases by linking public authorities within the country, although the RoNaQCI network will also be made available to the industries operating the network’s different layers (including integration of quantum and classical communication technology as supported by postquantum algorithms) in support of future large-scale deployment of EuroQCI. The established network of QC technology hubs will also make the networks available for educational and training purposes for teaching and research staff, for public authorities, as well as for industry and other organisations including special support for ISPs.

Contribution to long-term policy objectives, policies and strategies