Develop RoNaQCI infrastructure test plan (O2.2)

Design and develop RoNaQCI Monitor Software (O2.3)

Integrate RoNaQCI Monitor Software with use cases (O2.4)

Coordinate with external entities to ensure RoNaQCI monitor is portable to other networks (O5.2)

Perform RoNaQCI functional, integration and performance tests (O2.5)

Test interface between free space and terrestrial QKD links (O2.6)


WP5 contains specific activities related to testing and monitoring components of O2 with a focus on result portability to concurrent use cases in other member states to contribute to O5. The work in WP5, led by TUIasi, is initiated in M2 with a task T5.1 on the definition of a test plan to be used for constant monitoring of RoNaQCI containing quality metrics and parameters (e.g. indicating photon leaks, fiber cross-talk) as well as a limiting scenario definition such as stress and soak testing. It results in a set of requirements both for the network as well as for a software solution that would monitor the network, namely the RoNaQCI Monitor. After requirements are gathered, the next task in WP5, T5.2, will produce the software design for RoNaQCI designed such as to be extensible with respect to both the network that it monitors, so that it may also be used in other networks as a base for a coordinated monitoring solution for the future quantum Internet, but also with respect to the applications whose usage statistics it may provide upon explicit opt in by the application. The design of RoNaQCI Monitor is implemented as part of the next task, T5.3, and this software will assist in implementing the test plan as part of the remaining tasks in the WP, T5.4 providing functional testing, T5.5 providing integration testing and T5.6 providing performance testing, seeking to determine the impact of equipment condition including but not limited to fibre length, environment, fibre defects, multiplexing etc. Just as WP5 inherently provides the monitoring function for WP2, WP3 and WP4, the quality of the monitoring and testing procedure is inherently monitored by WP7 as part of actual use of RoNaQCI, whose feedback is enacted by WP1 which implements a control function over WP5. As part of the risk mitigation plan, network monitoring and testing must be performed along the entire project duration which means that project completion occurs only after all infrastructure exploiting activities are accomplished. Thus WP5 contains three critical paths related to continuous functional, integration and performance testing.


T5.1 Test Plan Definition - Tailor test plan to acquired equipment; evaluate and check equipment conformity during acceptance and functional testing; check link interoperability parameter conformity during functional and integration testing; check link quality during performance testing.

T5.2 RoNaQCI Monitor Software Design - Produce software specifications and software architecture documents for RoNaQCI. Monitor software based on final test plan definition, to facilitate continuous functional network testing and performance evaluation, forward maintenance requests and to monitor opt-in usage statistics for an extensible list of client software starting with RoNaQCI developed software.

T5.3 RoNaQCI Monitor Software Development - Implement, test, deploy, integrate and test integration of RoNaQCI Monitor software based on software design documents.

T5.4 Functional Testing - Implement functional test plan at routine (periodic) times according to definition, facilitated by RoNAQCI Monitor, providing continuous network availability.

T5.5 Performance Testing - Implement performance test plan at routine times according to definition facilitated by RoNaQCI Monitor, evaluating and securing stable network performance.

T5.6 Integration Testing - Implement integration test plan at regular times according to definition, facilitated by RoNaQCI Monitor, providing network interoperability with the classical Internet.

Lead beneficiary:

"Gheorghe Asachi" Technical University of Iasi (TUIasi)

Work Package 1 (WP1):

Work Package 2 (WP2):
Long Distance Quantum Communications

Work Package 3 (WP3):
Metropolitan QKD Links

Work package 4 (WP4):
Free Space Communication

Work package 5 (WP5):
Testing and Integration

Work package 6 (WP6):
Quantum Training and Education HUB

Work package 7 (WP7):
Advanced Use Cases

Work Package 8 (WP8):
Communication and Dissemination

Contribution to long-term policy objectives, policies and strategies